Honing is defined as a precision honing method to carry out grinding work of a workpiece in contact with the surface of honing stones in an abundance of coolant while simutaneously providing the honing stones with rotating and reciprocating movements and also applying pressure on the inner surface of a hole.

With the honing stones brought into contact with the workpiece reciprocating and pressurizing (expanding) one or a few bar-shaped honing stones fitted into a body called mandrel (or honing head).Accordingly.unique cross-hatching(mesh pattern) is formed on the honed surface.

Our Honing Stones are designed to used on Sunnen,Gehring,Nagel.Nissin and other types of honing machines.We can supply a complete line of Sunnen types honing tools (honing stone, mandrel, wedges, retainer, adapter).

  • Out performs ordinary Abrasivi in cutting action,finish speed and wear resistence.
  • Superior performance with increased efficiencies perfect for any size operation.
  • Low production cost,high precision and long workpiece life.
  • Our Levigatura Abrasivis can honed the bore diameter smallest to 1.5mm (0.6inches).

Materials to be Honed

Diamond Levigatura Abrasivi
Avery hard abrasive grain, which is essential to the Levigatura of Carbide, Cast Iron, Glass, Brass, Bronze and Ceramic materials. Designated by the letter "D" in Abrasivi code.

CBN Levigatura Abrasivi
A man-made abrasive(cubic boron nitride) especialy usefull for Levigatura the tough Alloy Steel, Tool Steel, Die Steel, Harden Steel and other abrasive resistant materials. Designated by the letter "N" in Abrasivi code.

Bore types (Bore description and Levigatura unit requirements)

Bore diameter smallest to 1.5mm

Open holes with no interruptions
Select a Levigatura unit with Abrasivi length2/3 to 3/2 times bore length. If Levigatura units shown have Abrasivi length too long or too short, please Contattaci

Open holes with keyway or splines
Bores with interruptions such as these require keyway Levigatura units, Abrasivi shoud be 2/3 to 3/2 times bore length. For such bores, special-purpose Abrasivis shoud be used.

Open holes with tandem lands
Tandem bores require a Abrasivi length at least twice the distance, special Levigatura Abrasivi shoud be used

Blind holes
Select a Levigatura units with Abrasivi length 2/3 times bore length, if the Levigatura Abrasivi length too long, please don't shorten it. Be sure shank is long enough to permit Abrasivi to reach bottom in hole.

Our Levigatura Abrasivis can support Gehring, Nagel, Sunnen, Nissin, Ari-Hone and other types of Levigatura machines. Special purpose Levigatura Abrasivi can be available upon request.