Welcome to Delapena E1000S
The Delapena Honing Machine E1000S incorporates a fixed tool and floating workpiece which is used for small long bores. The E1000S is an NC controlled horizontal honing machine with a wide range of rotational and oscillation speeds allowing the workpiece to automatically stroke over the tool. Incorporating size control and stone wear, compensation features allow for precise honing throughout the honing process.

The Delapena E1000S has been designed to deliver competitively priced NC controlled horizontal honing solutions for the production of small to medium sized batches and prototypes. The E1000S provides a versatile honing solution for a wide variety of applications utilizing single stone mandrels or multi-stone tooling.

Ideal for through and blind bores - efficient and operator friendly the E1000S has been developed in conjunction with a numeric touch screen SIEMENS controller. This controller provides precise, efficient and repeatable honing processes for a wide range of components. The controller features stone wear compensation to ensure precision honing geometry throughout the honing process. Featuring a honing diameter range of 1.14mm to 25mm; stroke lengths of 3mm to 200mm. The E1000S guarantees accurate and repeatable stroking speeds between 1.0 and 25m/min, through a robust inverter controlled rotation motor and a servo motor, driving a precision ball screw. The 3KW high torque spindle motor and 1.5KW stroking servo motor ensures efficient and repeatable cutting rates are easily achieved using standard or super abrasives throughout the honing diameter range, making the E1000S a highly productive, reliable and accurate solution for horizontal honing applications.

The ergonomic design of the E1000S provides operator comfort and efficiency; whilst an interlocking guard provides operator safety. Consistent honing and exact cycle times are pre-programmed, via the user friendly SIEMENS controlled numeric touch screen, delivering controlled precision cutting and extended tool life. The SIEMENS controller maintains programs via an external USB for down loading programs for the honing processes and incorporates a "Teach" function for the fast set-up of stroking positions and short stroking. The E1000S controller setup is fully integrated for standalone operation and automation.

Stability is assured by the rigid module plate design, providing repeatability of stroke & size, accurate bore geometry across a broad range of applications. The E1000S is supported by an extensive range of Horizontal tooling & associated consumables, including standard single stone mandrels, multi-stone honing tools or solutions tailored to your specific honing applications.

Features and Benefits
  • Manual Operations for Small Batches and Prototypes
  • Fully Adjustable Spindle and Stroking Speeds
  • Automatic Start Cycle Procedure
  • Two "In-Process" Control Systems
  • Rigid Tray Design
  • User Friendly, Touch Pad Numeric Control Panel
  • Fail Safe Interlocking Door with Electric Sensor for Operator Safety
  • Universal Fixtures Supplied as Standard, Gimbal, Die Honing and Con Rod Fixtures Available as Options
  • Multi Plane Chuck as Standard
  • Easily Removable, Integral, 3 Stage Fluid Filter Unit
  • Ergonomic Work Station for Operator Comfort and Efficiency
  • Low Voltage Work Lamp
  • Alignment Gauge
  • Pre Wired Connection for Plug Sizing Option
    * Subject to Honing Application